Intuitive software.

For targeted communication.

OnePager Applications uses AI-enabled software to make communication efficient, structured and convincing.

OnePager Applications introduces itself – in a OnePager

Efficient, structured and convincing communication. With OnePager.

The software enables even inexperienced users to work with artificial intelligence through intuitive questions, thereby reducing complexity, facilitating work and ensuring quality.

Key benefits of our solution

At OnePager Software we want to empower our customers in creating professional OnePagers
effortlessly. Our application is designed to enable all communicators to bring their communication skills to the next level by offering threee distinguished benefits:


Quick start thanks to intuitive software interface. No tedious start with a blank sheet of paper.


Clear, simple and consistent structure of all OnePagers. No more unsystematic and inconsistent documents.


Conclusive, plausible argumentation. No more implausible decision papers.

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