OnePager Applications – Software applications for AI-enabled OnePager development

OnePager Applications at a glance

  • Who we are: OnePager Applications offers Software applications for AI-enabled OnePager development.
  • Who we support: Managers and communicators in business, science and politics, as well as the operational level that prepares appointments and communication materials.
  • We support: AI-enabled development of briefing and pitching documents. With its intuitive interface, the software enables even inexperienced users to work with artificial intelligence and quickly create convincing texts.
  • How we achieve this: The underlying OnePager® methodology is based on 30 years of pioneering scientific work. In addition to methodical product knowledge, our team of first-class scientists and developers also combines technical expertise in the development of intuitive software applications and in prompt design for the use of generative AI. We develop our solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

Our first application: AI-enabled development of briefing and pitching documents

Our benefits

Quick start thanks to intuitive software

Clear, simple & consistent structure

Conclusive, plausible argumentation

An insight into our first application

Our vision for the future

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